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What is integrative medicine?

As the name implies it is an integration of various health modalities in order to obtain the best possible outcome in health as possible

Integrative medicine recognizes the holistic nature of human beings and focuses on health promotion and prevention of disease rather than disease treatment only.

Integrative medicine aims to support health in a very natural, least invasive manner in order for healing to take place, or activate natural healing mechanisms. As the philosophy develops and become more sophisticated a newer medicine will emerge which will naturally integrate many aspects of traditional medicine, newer developments in physics and quantum theory and recent advances in nutritional medicine.

Integrative medicine neither rejects conventional medicine nor uncritically accepts alternative practices.

Health promotion through lifestyle management and correcting of imbalances is the cornerstones of integrative medicine without neglecting the treatment of disease.

"Integrated or Integrative Medicine is practising medicine in a way that selectively incorporates elements of Complementary and Alternative medicine into comprehensive treatment plans alongside solidly orthodox methods of diagnosis and treatment."
British Medical Journal 2001;322:119-120