Yellow Fever & Travel Clinic

Dr Jooste is registered with the South African Society of Travel Medicine and is licensed to administer Yellow Fever immunisations. His Yellow Fever Clinic is licensed with the Department of Health.

Travel services include the following:
  • Pre-Travel consultation
  • Travel related vaccinations (Yellow Fever/Meningitis/Tetanus/Typhoid fever/Hepatitis A and B/Rabies,etc.)
  • Booster immunisations
  • Preventative medicine and advice for Malaria prophylaxis
  • Advice on medication needed when travelling
  • Post travel consultations
  • Waiver letter if any contra-indications to Yellow Fever vaccination.

Schedule an appointment, if possible, at least 4-6 weeks prior to travel , as some immunisations will need more than one dosage or may only be effective 10 to 14 days after administration. Complete the pre-travel questionnaire before your visit to ensure all the necessary vaccines are available.