Contracted Medical Aids

Medical aid is a type of insurance that you pay a monthly contribution towards in exchange for financial coverage of any necessary medical treatment and related medical expenses. This means that if you become suddenly ill, are involved in an accident, or require emergency medical care, your costs will be covered. In South Africa, there are many different medical aid schemes. The coverage you receive depends on the provider you select and the type of medical aid plan you have.

We are contracted to most medical aids and therefore ask for medical aid tariffs. However, we don't have contracts with Managed Care Plans or the lower options like Keycare or Boncap. We are fully computerised, and the claim is sent directly to the medical aid and feedback is usually received before the patient leaves the room. We don't do split billing, but any shortfall not paid by the medical aid stays the patient's responsibility.

Your medical aid cover will always include a minimum set of benefits, which may include hospitalisation, but if you have a more extensive medical aid plan, you may also be covered for medical expenses such as doctor's visits.

You should be aware that some medical aids impose waiting periods upon enrolment, ranging from a three-month general waiting period for all medical expenses to a 12-month secondary waiting period during which you are not covered for any pre-existing conditions. Check these before registering. If you are already enrolled in a medical aid plan, our staff can assist you in determining which treatments are covered. You may also contact your medical aid provider directly.


1Will you need a referral for medical aid claims?
As we are a general practitioner service, you will not typically need a referral to claim from your medical aid. If you need specialist treatment, however, we can provide the appropriate referral.
2What if you don’t have medical aid?
If you don’t have medical aid, you will be responsible for your own medical bill. Contact the practice to find out more about our billing policy.