PDP/VISA/Insurance Medicals

We are well equipped and geared to do general examinations required before the forms for PDP (public licence), Visa and Insurance Medicals. We have computerised ECG and spirometry (lung function) equipment and do good quality Stress ECGs that satisfy the needs of the insurance companies.

The PDP medical form is an important requirement that is necessary to obtain a PDP or PrDP licence. The PDP medical form is a crucial requirement as it demonstrates that the applicant is medically fit to drive professionally, which may involve driving heavy vehicles for several hours. We must ensure that applicants for these licences are medically fit, as it would be dangerous to allow unfit individuals to operate any vehicle, let alone heavy vehicles. When unfit drivers operate motor vehicles, fatal accidents can occur. Not only do the PDP medical forms allow you to operate heavy vehicles or drive professionally. You will need the proper credentials.

All applicants for immigrant VISAs and certain applicants for non-immigrant VISAs must undergo a medical examination. Only one of the authorised panel physicians listed on the reverse may administer the medical examination. We are qualified to administer this medical exam. A Medical VISA is a VISA that allows South Africans who intend to seek medical treatment abroad to travel abroad. VISA applications for medical purposes can be submitted at any VISA Facilitation Centre in South Africa. We will assist you in gathering all necessary medical information for VISA applications and completing all necessary paperwork.

Medical aid is a type of insurance in which you pay a monthly contribution or premium in exchange for financial coverage of any necessary medical treatment and related medical expenses. Our team can assist you with filling out medical aid forms if you require assistance. If you require medical evaluations or information, we will provide you with comprehensive support.


1How expensive is a medical VISA?
A medical VISA is approximately R2000.00 to acquire.
2How expensive is a PDP licence?
The cost of a PDP license varies, please contact the practice for further information.
3Is a PDP licence hard to acquire?
With the help of our team at GB Medical, the process of getting a PDP license has never been easier.